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Kaustav Ghosh

Hello friends. As the last two days including today is very auspicious day as yesterday and till today afternoon it was Maha Shivaratri which is also known as Shiva Chaturdashi and from today evening it is amavasya. Amavasya tithi is very special holy time for sakta (worshipper of various form sakti such as durga, kali, tara etc).

So I went today at nearby tara temple for tithi pujan and to have khichdi prasadam in my dinner. In fact if you follow my blog, you already know my love for veg items specially khichdi.

So after finishing the prasadam, I was checking the factsheet of lawet blog and found something special. Do you want to know it?

Today you are reading my 255th post. From one to 255, there was was two streak. First is last week of may to july all total 67 days streak and the last is present streak- from 2nd December to 2022 to still going, all most 80 days streak. First target is to reach at least complete 100 days streak.

But the dream is to give you non stop 365 days content and even more.

And about the story post in wordpress-

Some pictures speaks a lot without speaking a single word. You need to just find out. I never had a good camera phone ever, but I love photography. I tried to learn it everyday by watching some youtube videos or by looking at the post/photography of some photography page in facebook and instagram.

In this last 80 days were special because I tried to do something different, I tried to provide something unique. This process will go on.

Like I have put new categories and put more content on this, for this reason there are less poetry in this 80 days streak and more article of different genre.

More research is going on every day and many more will come your way in near future.

Tata. My dear viewers, you are my only hope. Many more milestones will achieve together.


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