Shiv Ratri Puja in my house today

Kaustav Ghosh

Har Har Mahadev.

I hope you are fine. The tithi of Maha Shivaratri was yesterday from 18.07 pm, so I started preparing myself for puja. I have already done shopping for this puja on yesterday morning. Shiva, who is also known as Asutosh, which means who is easily pleased.

Shiva is present in all dimensions, infact Shiva itself a dimension which is unknown but only known to Maha yogis who have acquired Ati siddhi. Shiva is within you, me and every creature. Pleasing shiva is easy yet tough-if you follow the path of humanity, if you feed the hunger, give water to the thirsty people it is the great devotion shown to the Lord. Shiva is hari, hari is shiva. This tells us about the oneness of God. God is one but many,many but one. And the humans- who loves to play the game of division. They never stopped after dividing with each other. But they have created division between various forms of God to make one superior and other inferior.

May Lord bless us with peace and most importantly with the light of knowledge and wisdom.

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