Haldia mela 2023

Kaustav Ghosh

It was the 12 th of February, 2023 on a sunday afternoon. Me alongwith my sister, brother and brother-in law planned to visit Haldia mela. I have heard a lot about haldia mela but never visited here. So, first we took a toto from my sister’s house to nearby Garughata bus stand. Though I wanted to take a government bus, but in the mean time I had panic attack. After five minutes I got recovered and took a mecheda-haldia bus. It was over crowded. It had become tough for me to stand by one leg. But I managed, in fact I had to. That bus took 40 minutes to reach haldia mela at ranichak. So we reach there, we had little time so we could not cover the whole mela but enjoyed alot. You may see this photos-

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