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Kaustav Ghosh

Good morning friends, today is the 13th and my blogging journey just completed 1 year. So I thought why should not I start something new in this occassion. Every dawn brings new life to life-an opportunity to start fresh; to explore more, to love more, to learn more and what not. Today I will take you to share my instagram story.

To begin my story- to share my journey first I want to let you know that I have started using facebook from 2011. From 2009, I used to use Orkut. But instagram is the only thing in social media which i have found difficult. Infact my instagram account automatically opened when it was took over by the facebook(now meta) authority. I used to see my friends using their instagram account but never felt to use it. My friend Indranuj send me some tutorial and legal reel, which I found very useful. Infact, as a regular player of Fifa mobile, I found new updates and frequent news about this game on instagram. So I opened my instagram account kaustav_advocate in 2020. But still could not figure out how to use instagram like pro. To learn how to make worthy reel, post and other stuff in instagram they were my longstanding wish, priority in my bucket list. Then I saw some of my juniors using instagram for their career growth, it increased the urge of my learning. So after starting of my blogging and podcasting journey I started to watch tutorial videos on using of instagrams. Though my kaustav_advocate instagram account has some selfie post, but it is my wish to use it differently. On 11 th february, 2023 I made my first post and story in my lawet.official and the journey started. The journey of learning. #lawetforu

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  1. Comecei a segui-lo por lá. É assim mesmo no começo. Logo estará sabendo de tudo. Continue estudando. Abraços

    1. gracias amigo

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