The First Anniversary

Kaustav Ghosh

So, I have made it today. It is 12th February, 2023-the first anniversary of my blogging website; the first anniversary of my blogging life.

It was my longstanding wish to write frequently, to take part in the knowledge mutually sharing but there was so many barrier which prevented me to do so. The year 2022 was the year of new initiative. January, 2022 started with the interview telecasted in youtube, podcasting started from 5th February, 2022 and it was 12th February, 2022 when took birth and my blogging life set sails to the unknown water.

Till now I have reached to atleast 9115 people worldwide with 43k views. Lawet has reached 150 nation and counting. The highest view I had in a day was 610, that date still I remember-26th July, 2022. It is the birthday of my dearest brother Tanumay. Today is the celebration time and praying for your pray and best wishes. I have a dream, I aim to secure e future worth living for the future generation. #lawetforu, Lawet is always for you.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

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