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Kaustav Ghosh

It is 08.00 a.m, wishing good morning here. I am about to take my breakfast. But, but today I am writing this from Kalyanpur, a village in East Medinipur, West Bengal. It is a beautiful village. I came here after one years, here my sister was married and living here for the last five years.

This month of February comes with many festival in this village and their biggest festival is Ma boyalbon puja, Ma popularly known as Shitala. In Maghi Purnima there is a snanyatra of Ma Shitala held in Salkia, Howrah and puja held in Chintamani Dey Road, near Kali Babur Bazar, Howrah. Every year this time I used to visit this place, but in 2022 it was the first time when I visited this place near Tamluk and witness the devotion for Bhim puja. For the seven days there is a mela or gathering where one can buy many things for his house and there is also merry go round. This time in this year I came here as the devta ordered me to do so.

The word ‘Bhim’ usually referred to Big terrible. Bhim, who was one of the Pancha Pandavas according to Mahabharat has the strength equal to ten thousand elephant. Tamralipta, which is present day’s tamluk, has the history of more than thousand of years and there was a port from which the businessman, sailor sets sails to try their luck in foreign nations. This region was very prosperous and it was believed that Bhima, the Madhyam Pandavas visited this place either in his excile to the forest or after the famous win against the Kauravas in Kurukshetra. People worships him here this time; prays for good health and prosperity. May Lord bless my viewers the same. Take care

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