My National Library Saga

Kaustav Ghosh

National Library- the house of millions of book. The house of the century old rarest book.But before it had entered into my life I want to take you back to the past, by the time machine. Yes, you may not see but you may see the time machine. You will be a time traveller by riding into every word I write here. I think it was the time of early and middle 2000’s. Even after tried hard but could not secure membership to the district library. My engagement with a library started in the mid 2005 when I could secure a membership in the nearest Howrah Sangha Library. My membership id was K-425. It was long my dream to become a member of our National Library, even my father had the same dream but could not. My law campus was established in 1909 and it had a big library where I used to spend my significant time. I started to write legal article from 2014 and I felt from then it was a high time to be the member of a library. Only then I will be able to deliver good not only in exams but also in research paper. When I joined in the study of Master of Law, I felt if I really want to excel my career as a researcher then the time has come. The National library is situated in Belvedere Estate, Alipore,Kolkata. It is a palace, infact It was the palace of Viceroy of India and later Governor General who ruled the whole India from here. After some time they shifted to present day’s Governor House. After the shift of the capital of India from Kolkata to Delhi in 1911, present day’s Governor House has become the forever house of Governor of this State/Province/Presidencies.

This National Library is India’s Largest Library by volume and public record. It was in 10th February, 2020 when I first enter into this premises and it was 18th February, 2020 I become member of this prestigous library.

Today I went there for renewal and took some photos there.

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  1. Libraries are next to cathedrals and temples in terms of historical and cultural sanctum sanctorums.

    1. Absolutely. For me, they are door to heaven for me

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