My visit to Katwa@2022

the janki bridge in rishikesh uttarakhand

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello, very good morning from Howrah, India. How are you? I hope and pray for your good health.

Now a days I have started a trend in Lawet, that is to write a diary in blogging website. This trend may be new or old wine in a new bottle- that I don’t know. But I feel kind of something good while writing diary in blogging website.

I have visited Katwa, a border town in Purba Bardhaman district of West Bengal in 27th of December, 2022. The main target was to visit Juranpur and Kshirgram as in the both places body part of the Sati, who was the avtar of Adyashakti Mahamaya was fallen.

So me alongwith my father took Up 13063 Balurghat Express from Howrah. The train was waiting for us for boarding at 7 no. platform. We had a reservation, and we boarded the S7(S stands for sleeper class) coach. The train departed from Howrah station at 7.50 a.m. We reached katwa by 10.30 a.m. My hotel was not reserved, so we choosed to walk through the station road. Just after apollo pharmacy we found a hotel- Pal Boarding house. After some refreshment we took a toto to katwa ballavpara ferry ghat for crossing the river ganga. The fare is just Rs 3 for one. After crossing the river we booked a toto to Juranpur kali mandir. While going by the Toto enjoyed beautiful scenic beauty. We saw the field where mustard was cultivated. It was beautiful. After 30 minutes of toto journey we reached at the Juranpur Kali temple.

I was tracking my whole journey in google map and let you take to another fact. After reading the great writer Abadhut’s work my father’s long term wish was to visit Uddharanpur. So I took a toto from Juranpur Kali mandir to Bhagyabantapur ferry ghat. By the way Juranpur situated in Nadia and it is in katwa-debgram road very near to Krishnanagar town and plassey where britishers lead by Robert Clive fought again Nawab of Murshidabad Siraj-ud-Daulla in the year 1757. So We took another ferry from Bhagyabantapur to visit Uddharanpur and completed our lunch there. After our lunch we head back to the meeting place of river Bhagirathi and Ajay..From that place we took another ferry to Katwa.

Then we took a rickshaw back to our hotel. We took a short power nap as we have a local train (Katwa-Bardhaman) to board. That train is not frequently run. We board the train and within 15 minutes our destination kaichar halt came from which we took a toto to see Ma Jogaddya in Kshirgram. We stayed there sometime and enjoyed ghugni in the middle of rural India. Then we again took a toto and this time towards bus stand. A Bardhaman-Katwas bus was waiting and we board the train. Thanks to God, we alongwith the passengers saved from a major bus accident.

It was then evening time, so I thought to indulge ourselves in the taste of momo. After finishing our food we visited the place where Gouranga Mahapravu took the Sannyas, Khepi ma temple, Madhaitala and the place of the person who was the barber of Gouranga Mahapravu at the time of his Sannyas. By the way, Madhaitala is a place where for the last 483 years or so there is hari nam sankirtan 24*7. It will continue for another 517 years. Jagai, Madhai were lucky who could have secured the grace of Mahapravu. After this visit we had our dinner and time to take a deep sleep.

It was a nice but hectic one day outing, but we enjoyed a lot. Specially the local vegetable market, all the vegetables are high quality but the price is lower than my imagination.

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  1. I enjoyed the journey, thank you. I would love to go to India — the closest I get to Indian culture and atmosphere are Indian restaurants where I partake of momo and other exotic dishes.

    1. Really thankful for your kind comment

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