The worst tournament in Fifa Mobile

Kaustav Ghosh

Hi, as I have promised I came here with video games post and from now onwards there will be more to make a separate category of video games post.

Good evening from here. I am recovering very fast and preparing for new poetry book. This is why I thought to share something. For me EA sport means nostalgia mainly for its need for speed version and Fifa. For the last five years I am playing it in my mobile. But this time I will be come down heavily on them.

Just after the best tournament ever on fifa mobile that is ‘Fifa World Cup’ ends how could they start the worst tournament ever played on fifa mobiles. It is boring, not a worthy to play for a single minute. This players have low ovr, they will neither improve my game nor the chemistry of my team.

For this season fifa mobile started to enhance the time of the tournament to atleast one month or more. This ‘National Hero’ is not even will run for one months and today it will end. In my life It was the the first time I have skipped this tournament while playing. . The nightmare is skill showdown. It is really impossible to win a match as the v.s.a has several technical glitches. National matches are ridiculous as they are recycled after every three days. As if we are stuck in hard level, you will be forced to restart in easy mode after only three days as it will force you to do so in every aspect.

It is my first time of reviewing a video game and there is an every scope for improvement. But I will only review those which I have played or playing currently to make a realistic, honest review. I trust my viewers will help me to improve so that I can bring better quality every day. From tomorrow Fifa TOTY will start and really hope that it will be one of the best.

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