The Report of January,2023

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Kaustav Ghosh

Yesterday was the last day of the first month of this year. From the first day of this new year I tried to try something new.

I have created three new genre and made that two new genre into two category in the menu section- Sports, Photography and Podcast.

I have proposed a new genre which will made into category in the menu section; that is on video games. In near future or may be starting from this February, I may post article on this category.

I have started my youtube channel in this month.

I have kept my promise as I have posted a poetry, atleast one article on law, religion, miscellaneous, social issues, tricks and tips, sports and photography.

I have tried to give you different taste everyday by posting everyday on different topic.

I have shared story post in the last day of January for the first time.

Now I will be able to say in every category there is one or more post and it will definitely increase.

In this month of February, I will share my journey with

Before this 12th of February, I hope to reach atleast 150 nations.

I want to resume my poetic career again by publishing some books. Target is atleast 12 books in this year.

Though I yet to be recovered from the attack of virus, but I hope to bring you new things every month.

Let’s call it for a day.

Till I recover my post may be small in characters for my ill health and for my preparation of new poetry book.

Good night and wish you a new dawn in your life.

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