To the next satipith

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello friends, how are you.

Being unwell for two weeks, feeling very frustrated. So many medication but no result. My constant agony in my mouth could not stop my writing but has stopped my youtube journey for some day. Infact it has been my tradition since 2011 to visit a satipith in a year. My aim is to complete visiting all the satipith. If you do not know the story of satipith you can read it here-

My aim is to visit all the satipith in my lifetime even though I have to visit Pakistan, Sri lanka, Tibet, Bangladesh. My dream is not only to visit but also to find out the hidden or undiscovered satipith and to dive deep in this sea. It is one kind of passion you can say. Till I am in my good health I will be unable to visit any. Specially now a days speaking has been very difficult. It is time to write and write only.

Last time I went to puri was Rathyatra 2019 and I have never thought(even in my dreams) that I will be unable to visit Puri during Rathyatra for three consecutive years. Infact it has been three years since I went outside my home state West Bengal. This year I want break that the streak, that hattrick of not going outside. This year my target is to visit atleast one satipith outside West Bengal as out of my twenty satipith visit only 20% outside West Bengal. Be it in my neighbouring state Odisha or Jharkhand. If Ma blesses me with good health I hope to visit this year. It is the part of my dream, my aspirations. Though this year I have not visited Kalighat, Tarapith, Dakshineshwar, which I have to atleast once alongwith Addyapith, Tarasankari, Mahesh and tarakeswar.

My target is if I can visit Jajpur, Odisha to visit ma Biraja and Deoghar to visit satipith Jaydurga and Baidyanath Jyotirling. Let’s see what I can do. Looks like I am writing a diary is not it. It has been my trend now a days. By the way pray for my health so that I can resume my youtube journey. Many things are yet to come. I want to buy the photos of Guhyakali of Akalipur and krishmakali photo. Let’s see where I can find it. Pain in my mouth and the throat sore are not helping me to write, so I have to end this article here. Good night. Have a great sleep.

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