The bully and the fight back

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Kaustav Ghosh

The bully. It is a nightmare-is not it?

No, no. It is not a poetry. But I am trying to discuss a burning social issue in a poetic manner. Bully- it is kind of mental or physical harassment and sometimes it is in both form. Bullying can be defined as the use of force, coercion, hurtful teasing or threat, to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. Ragging is one kind of bully. This bully once started, it will come back by the act of the victim as the vicious circle.

I though to make this as poetry but then I thought I had promised to write at least one article on social issue. In fact it was due for very long time. I will share my experience on this, how I have survived and fought back. Now, you may question why you will read this- my experience. Because it is not only my story, it is yours story; it is the story of the millions. Many of them could not sustain this mental pressure, so they started to on its self destruction mode.

I started facing bully from my high school. The first instance was to keep up the good result and rank. Till class 6, I did a tremendous result. But in class seven, my rank slipped to 19.

Like the story of sheep and the wolf, the people who intends to bully needs no reason to bully. It was the year 2004-05, the God of death was dancing in my family and those bully in my high school. It was the time when my confidence and my self belief started to shattered.

You may have heard about my aim which was never advocacy, even though my father was a lawyer. It was always either Doctor or discovering some medicine as a Doctor. Math, Chemistry and biology was my favourite subject. Solving equation, playing with the numeric table was my hobby. But. but-

This bully started to shattered so much that I faint and fall down while solving a math. I never ever got the guidance for my science subjects which was needed- be it in my school or in my tution/ coaching centre.

It is futile to discuss the types of bully as everyone faced the one or another. It is futile to disclose the name as it may be same or different. As once I met one professor in a seminar who told us it is important to discuss more on how we can get rid out of this problem rather than discussing on problem as everyone knows it because they have either faced it, facing it or about to face it. Let’s act.

Now get back to 2007, it was getting worse as I was diagnose with a orthopedic problem and within two years got bedridden.

Then I saw the unmasking of some face- they may know me from childhood as my teacher, as my friends, as some member of the family. But-

Only Lord was the one, who could understand me; he who never left. This made my spiritual foundation stronger each day. I learn to fight, walk down the street solo. I started to enjoy my own company as I believe he, who can not enjoy his own company cannot never become great companion.

I used to write poetry on my love for chemistry, on H2SO4, HNO2 and what not. I still remember those poetry which I burnt down. I had a lab which I destroyed.

I was bullied because I love God and was spiritual. I was bullied for not attaining some sir’s tution. I was bullied as I was not like other boys. I was bullied as I love my studies. I was bullied as I did not take part in harmful activities. I was bullied for my poor health condition, height. I was bullied for my idealism. I was bullied because I was a traditional with a flexible modern approach. I was bullied for sending happy friendship day message. I was bullied for that catch miss.

I was bullied because I did not believe I am worthless to study science. I was bullied because I did not believe only looser chooses arts and commerce.

I lost myself in the dark dungeon, I lost in the wilderness. But I am a warrior, I will not forget the how to fight. So I started fighting, I started talking with myself. I started to self care, I started to know and discover myself. Only then I could find my true love that is legal studies. So, I started this journey as an advocate and I hope that one day my dream will be fulfilled-

Safe and Secure future for our future generation. To give them a bully free, cruelty free, stereotype free world, the fight is on.

Are you ready to fight?

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  1. An important and powerfully written article that many people will relate to — indeed, fight back.

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