My bucket list

Kaustav ghosh

“A person without aim is just like a ship without a rudder”

Yes, it is a well known proverb. This proverb helped me a lot to write letters,paragraphs in my english class. This line is the true fact about life. Aimless life makes life astray and that will make you roam like stray animal.

Yes, stray animal- that means homeless, without any work, unstable life, no gurranty of foods and decent clothes.

Now you may argue that sometimes even if we have a good plan, but it happens opposite. But believe me I know it very well as majority of my plainning did not work. But still I diarised my plan-long term, short term. It is also weekly based, monthly based, yearly based. Even after I saw failure most of the time, I prefer to manage my work by organised way even if my life and lucks may lead me to other things. But my plainning is flexible and it can cope up with the change.

I have started my youtube journey on 3rd January, 2023. Have you checked all the videos? I want to complete uploading of 100 videos as soon as possible. It is the first thing in my to-do list. I need 1000 subscriber atleast.

I am very close to answer atleast 100 questions on Another thing to do. I am really overwhelmed to see response in Everyday atleast five questions are coming and one thing for sure after answering century I will post my journey with here.

Third and fourth is to learn video editing to post good quality videos on youtube and to learn instagram so I can spread the message of Lawet.

Fifth is all about my blog- to reach atleast 150 nation and to have atleast 365 followers within February. For the last 22 days I have tried to give you 22 types of article without having any similarity. It is you who can judge it, comment your review.

I have created Lawet to fulfill my dream- To connect with billions, To connect with your heart.

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