Have you ever tried Whatsapp banking?

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Kaustav Ghosh

I still remember my school days. That time smart phone, smart watches are a distant dream. Maximum one could had that is a feature phone with vga camera. That era was ruled by 11 rupees sms pack; every 160 character text message worked as a courier to send various types of emotion. Whatsapp and other social media came to us as a revolution- now we could send photo, videos, emojis, gif, long sms without counting the words. Now we can see each other while talking.

Whatsapp has become part of our career, business, social, family, love life.

Wait, no. It is not an advertisement. But I am saying about a revolutionary invention of science.

But have you tried whatsapp banking?

You know what, I came to know it yesterday about this. Before that, it was unknown to me. Yes, sorry for my ignorance. Though I have a privacy concern about this sect of personal banking but found this banking services not only wonderful but also very useful.

I tried whatsapp banking services of Punjab National Banking. If you have a bank account and know how to surf internet then, but but before that you need to ensure-

A) Your mobile number is registered with your bank account.

B) Your registered mobile number is working enough to receive One time passwords (O.T.P)

C) Your phone has whatsapp app.

D) You can have the number of whatsapp banking in the website of your bank. You can find it while searching ‘Whatsapp Banking (Your Bank’s name). Remember to check the website is fully encrypted and secure. The domain will end after the short form of your bank and then it will have either .com, or .co.in and .in.

E) If you found the bank’s whatsapp number then you should add the number to your contacts and Say ‘Hi’ on from your registered mobile number to start conversation by getting a secure and interactive menu on your mobile screen through WhatsApp messaging platform.

f) Remember to check whether that number of the bank has green tick in whatsapp.

I have not mentioned any number as every bank has different number for its whatsapp banking and which may change from time to time.

Whatsapp banking offers details of your bank account along with the details of its various financial product.

Now what, start surfing. Start your banking with ease.

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