Beauty of Hinduism

Kaustav Ghosh

As a viewer of my blog post Lawet, you may know how my walk towards spirituality was started.

Yes, it was started in the womb of my mother when she used to read and recite about the Lord. It was started when I saw pujas, discussion on God from my childhood. It was started when I was taught about vedas, ramayan, mahabharat, Gita. It was started when I was taught how to meditate.

You may think lot of things after seeing this title, but the fact is with my little knowledge I am doing a daring-to write about what I learned about hinduism, what I feel, what I have realised for more than two decades. It came to my mind while answering a question on quora.

Sanatan means eternal, ever evolving. It does not depends on one person, philosophy, prophet/Avtar, principal.

It is a reform centric. It believes on questioning, not on imposition. It believes on growth; it does not binds you to do certain things but it advices you to do so. It asks you to examine, analyse then believe. It believes change is the only constant. It believes whole world is our home. It believes we all are son of the nectar, the paramatma.

It believes may all the good teachings come to us from all direction. It believes- “Bahujanhitay bahujan sukhay” which is nothing but the Bentham’s utilitarianism.

It believes “ma bidwisabo hoi”, which means do not have hatred for each other.

It believes nature is the embodiment of God.

Hinduism is like a sea where the river of dualism and non dualism meets.

Hinduism is a flexible but rigid whenever necessary.

Hinduism means where every principle or idealism to reach the god is respected irrespective of several differences.

Hinduism has not spread its wing by waging war or by the force of sword, guns or by providing temptations.

Hinduism won the heart of the world by speaking and spreading love-Chaitanya Mahapravu, Swami Vivekananda.

Hinduism is a easy but a hard principle to follow.

This may be the reason why many people irrespective of its religion, caste, culture, language got attracted to hinduism.

Now you may ask about the problems, but being an optimistic person, I love discussion on solutions. India, who opened its gate for growth and flexibility will be eternal like hinduism attained eternity.

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