Vlogging vs Vodcast

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Kaustav Ghosh

Hello friends, wishing a late good morning. It is 10.22 a.m here and we are very close to have our lunch time at noon. I pray that may every living being in this world today could have it. I hope that may every one in every coming tomorrow may need not to worry about their three quater meal. That day, as a devotee of Ma kali my life will be complete as Ma resides in every hungry belly-

“Ya devi sarbavuteshu khuda rupen sansthita”

I have started my career as an advocate but started my journey of exploration by hosting an interview of famous psychologist Dr. Jayasree Sar Chowdhury in Bangla Betar radio channel. I am indebted to Tanwi das di, who helped me to find bengali nationalism within me and instilled it into my heart. She gave me this chance to a person who never ever hosted anyone in his life. It was my dream to share everything I had learned and this helped me to find the podcaster in me. Then again I explore my career with publishing my first poetry book ‘A Bengali Patriot‘. After one years of this book I begin my journey as a podcaster. Then I become blogger with my lawet.in website.

Now let me tell you something very honest, I have never ever thought that I would start my youtube channel. But I uploaded a video captured in my phone while travelling in and around Katwa, Purba Bardhaman.

Now I am writing this to you- but this will be not definition centic. This will be that what I have perceived. So what is vlogging and vodcasting. If there are any differences, if yes then what.

To make it simple we can define ‘Vlogging’ as the video version of blogging and ‘Vodcast’ as the video version of Vodcast. So we have found the similarity of two- both are made in videos.

Now let’s dig deeper-

In blogging it offers a discussion on single theme and some of its sub-theme and it is all about reading the words. In vlogging it offers one or several theme and sub theme to watch through your eyes, read through your mind. It is all about the game of watching- watching every thing it offers, watching minutely every little thing.

In podcast you need the art of listening- you can not see anything here but you see the picture through the voice of podcaster. In a podcast, podcaster may present his voice by himself or by discussion with one or many person not limited to any group.

Vodcast is the video version of podcast where you will have option to use your eyes and ear but ear will matter the most to taste its ingredients. Some people while vodcasting often use some interesting pictures, in fact picture always helps to draw the subject in the mind of the viewers. But in vodcast you see and hear by your ear.

I have find out this perspective of ‘Vlogging’ and ‘Vodcasting’. I will be happy if you want to add more and you can do it in comment section.

Lastly, have you started to watch my videos and subscribed my youtube channel? Check it out here-


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