Kaustav Ghosh

Have you read that poetry? KALPANA?

For you I am annexing that poetry here again-

Yes, I wrote this poetry few months ago for my aunt kalpana who is a fighter. She had polio in his leg alongwith the pain of tissue damage, fracture; but nothing stood between she and her twenty years career as a teacher. Now her student successfully discharging their duties as Judge, Advocate, Doctor, Engineer, Professor and what not. She is an inspiration for many. She is a super talented person who sings rabindra sangeet very well alongwith playing harmonium.

I have started my journey with my youtube channel this year on 3rd January, 2023. I will recite the poetry KALPANA there. I hope you will watch, observe and listen to it. I will be very happy if you post any constructive comment. See you in youtube.

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