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The last week of December.

We all started to pick up the diary and write down the bucket list. We all started to think about our resolution for the new year. But why? Why not that very moment we start even we know that life and everything about our life is uncertain. We wait for coming of a new year to forget- the past, the wound, the depression; to forgive all the person who had hindered our life as it will help to start a fresh. We wait because a child inside never dies, it still believes in fairytale, magician with a magical stick. We wait because we believe that new dawn may bring new dawn in our life.

Covid-19 had caused so much destruction in our life and in our society; now people termed it as an era- pre covid and and post covid.

I may be a kind of disorganized person in my room, but in my life very well organized. Usually from my college days I had a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C for every thing and every little thing. But any of my plan, a single plan I would not say failed but did not work- be it in my career, personal life and what not.

But I have never stopped, never quit. Trying harder than before and will continue to do so.

Covid 19 taught me to keep going even after you face failure, rejection or whatever come in your way- but just keep walking and blowing up all the barrier.

So it was January, 2021 when I planed and execute my first poetry book and sell it; yes I am talking about ‘A Bengali Patriot’. I could sell 39 copies in India and 11 copies in other nation, all together 50 copies. You can buy any books from the selling thought section of my website.

I did my first interview in January, 2022 and it got 1000 views in no time. Here is the link-

It helped me to start my podcast in the next month and ‘LAWET’ started its journey. Now has 228 followers, 40,236 viewer and 8271 visitors from 136 countries.

Another January, 2023 came and tried to start something new- though never thought I will start my youtube channel but I did. I started my youtube channel in 3rd January, 2023 and till now there are 12 videos, 19 subscriber and 380+ views. Like my, it will have varieties of thing. I hope you will be my partner in this journey, in this exploration. Please subscribe so that you can get everything which I offer. Waiting for your response-


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