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Kaustav Ghosh

Do not click every link you see, do not believe every link you click.

Yes, We are in the era of modern information technology and surfing unsafe internet has become the cause of worry and stress. Though it is happening or it might happen in future (though I pray that it may not happen)- a large scale high level technological cyber war. Crimes are happening with the help of internet, specially monetary fraud, extortion, blackmailing.

Safer Internet day is observed every year on the second day (Tuesday) of the second week of February with the aim of working towards a safer and better internet. This day is observed to remind every stakeholder about a justified demand- may people surf the internet without the fear of any information leaked. In August, 2017 Supreme Court of India declared right to privacy is the part of right to life and personal liberty principle enshrined in the Article 21 of our Indian Constitution.

This is tricks and tips category post, that is why I will not talk about its legal perspective and being a student of law it is just futile to talk about the depth of information technology. As an aware citizen of this country I follow some rules-

  1. I do not click any random link shared in a social media, even send by any of my family members.
  2. I control my temptation even after seeing any lured advertisement.
  3. Before I visit any website first I check the site information(Upper left side beside http) is secured or not. To know it while surfing any website you may see the lock symbol in green. This signifies it has SSL certificate(An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser). It will help me to keep my data private and protect from any kind of possible cyber crime.
  4. Whenever any advertisement appears- be it in website or t.v, be it tempting or boring, first I check its authenticity and logic, second I see the brand value, its history or experience and acceptance.
  5. Never ever click any link even if it offers you million of dollars from any email.
  6. If you want to participate any competition- be it like spin or win or any other else first you check the prize announcement date and all the offer related documents. Second you check the email address whether it is coming from verified source or from any reputed company.
  7. While winning any prize or securing any job, kindly refrain from paying any money for that. Remember winner wins but never pay. Inform police officials if you got such sms or email.
  8. Never share the details of your debit/credit card and its cvv, otp or u.p.i pin to anyone.
  9. Never click a clink you have received by sms without verifying its authenticity.
  10. Keep your internet banking password to yourself and use frequent special character in your password to make it strong.
  11. If you are using public wifi and/or not limited to any cyber cafe, it is better not to transact any money.
  12. Log out after your work is over for your safety.
  13. Use reputed anti virus software for your mobile, laptop and p.c.
  14. Look out for forwarded message and it is better not to forward it again.
  15. Verify before you spread anything via internet.

For safe banking you may visit your cental bank (Highest financial authority of a county, in India it is R.B.I) website and the website of your bank. They will have articles and video on it. For in case of any bank fraud contact immediately with your bank, after complaining in nearby Police administration. Now a days in every Commisionerate and District Police headquarters, there are a separate wing tackling cyber crime. Be informed and save yourself and others.

Think before click.

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