Thank you Tintin

Kaustav Ghosh

Tintin, the young reporter from Belgium. No, no, the evergreen reporter who will remain young. He, who made our childhood awesome can not be grow older. But you may ask why I am mentioning his name. What may be the reaon. Today is his birthday and I am writing this tribute to him.

Like every child, I used to read comic book of Phantom, Mandrek but Tintin still my favourite. You may have read about an article of mine on Kolkata book fare, if you have not you can read here-

I still remember that day-when I was small child and it was the occassion of book fare. My father brought a comic book of Tintin’s ‘Prisoner of the sun’. It was the first comic book of Tintin which came in our life. Suddenly without our knowledge I, alongwith my sister and father had become the part of journey in the adventures of Tintin. I still want to feel that Tintin is the reality, not a comic character. The simplicity of the professor Calculas, Haddock and Johnson-Rohnson made our fun double.

By the way, it took not so long to complete the first book of Tintin. First my eyes stucked on the back page of tintin book where it has been mentioned how many comic book of Tintin is there. Within half decades we brought all the books of Tintin amd still re-reading the same. I have never felt bored, still feel the same enthuasism like my childhood days. Even I have collected Tintin in Congo, Tintin in Soviet which was not easily available. These books are like a goldmine, like a treasure to me.

I hope that in future I can read this book together with my future generation and it will goes on. Tintin is immortal, Tintin lives in our heart. Happy birthday Tintin, thanks for everything. Thank you for making us part of your journey. Thank you for making our childhood awesome.

By the way don’t you think Tom Holland may be the best cast for playing the role of Tintin? I feel so. Do you??

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