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Kaustav Ghosh

I know that you know the whole story of lawet. Specially those persons reads regularly my blog, they have been part of my journey called life. If you are new to my blog, then here is a short summary for you.

It was January, 2019. Just completed my final semester of two years Master of Law courses. I thought I should start something; that something which will be close to my heart, which will ask to use my full potential, which will ask me to explore. I named it ‘poetic justice’ but this initiative very soon could not fly a mile. I could not find out that missing link, I could not understood where to start and continue its journey; I massacred it completely but never put out the idea- idea to start again. I learned from the mistake put a never give up attitude to it.

Fast forward to February, 2021. I draw a logo and thought why should not I named it LAWET. Law and poetry, both are my passion and as I say a lawyer turned poet and/or a poet turned lawyer. As a book worm, I thought to give it everything I had learned and learning. I thought to put it not only legal material but also everything I love and yet to love and explore. I mentioned the name ‘LAWET’ in the back page of my first poetry book ‘A Bengali Patriot’ which is available in amazon, flipkart and various book stores across the globe. To know about the availability of any of my book you can find it in top right corner of the home page(SELLING THOUGHTS) of lawet.in

Though LAWET got its name Lawet but yet to start its journey. Aditya Trivedi, a student of National law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, also a lovely student of mine started its podcasting journey with his bright friend Isheta Boruah in August 22, 2021. ‘In conversation with IPR & Competition law’ is the first competition law podcast with a listener scattered around more than 47 countries. I started following their podcast. You can listen to their podcast here-

After few months passed, authorities of Justice and Law bulletin, an imprint of Apricus Journals, where I work as a reviewer, told me that there will be a youtube channel and my interview will be their first video. Details of this story is here-

When I saw my interview getting its views and comments more than my expectation, I felt that this is the time. It is now or never. I again took advice from Aditya and started my podcast channel lawet from 5th February, 2022. You can listen every episode of my podcast here-

And on 12th February, 2022, my blogging website started its journey.

In the mean time, I found my podcast has a listener of every age, but; I realise soon that if I confine my voice only in podcast, it may never reach its potential growth. Youtube as a medium has more viewers/listener compared to any podcast medium; infact now a days podcasters are doing video podcast for more growth.

In 27th December, 2022 I went to Katwa and clicked many special videos.

January 3, 2023 I started my journey of vodcasting/ vlogging.

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