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Kaustav Ghosh

Do not be confused after seeing the title of this post. Failure, I failed. I failed to deliver what I thought. I failed even after I tried a lot.

So the trend was launching one book a year. That would mean next book in 2023. But I thought why not we break it. It was a challenge. I was working on the book and it has not been completed. I failed to deliver you at least another poetry book in 2022.

To connect is the ultimate goal and book is that platform. I could not deliver that book, making you wait for it; the main motive is to give you best, main motive is to give you the ultimate experience. It will come only when I feel that it is completely ready to touch your heart.

I failed, But not given up. I will come up. I will come up. As we have 12 months in a year, the target is now not to bring only one book in a year like 2021 and 2022.

Target is to come up with at least 12 books, yes twelve books this year. Twelve books with different genre, a genre on which I never wrote. As I am exploring my life, my everything- just asking you to have faith.

And yes, I have started my youtube channel; I hope to get the same support and motivation as you are giving for my blogging website

As I say my lawet is law, poetry, you and me, as I say Lawet is law, poetry and more- the more is coming.

#lawetforu, always for you.

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