Camera or Photographer: Whose Credit?

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello, this is the second post in my photography category. Now read carefully the title of this post. Interesting? Now lets go back to December, 2014. It has been 8 years. Close to one decade but still remain fresh in my mind.

The year of 2014- may be the best year till now in my life. The year of getting everything, the year of redemption, the year of finding me back, the year of getting the right evaluation and what not. A perfect year with my friends and family and..

My childhood was a suffering, bullies, harassment, misguidance and torture from friends, teacher and may be this is why I consider 2014 best till now after I entered into my adulthood. It was also a year of good academic record also.

My niece Madhusnata used to visit my house then for completing her diploma course on physiotherapy. I still salute her hardwork, dedication, energy- sometimes she had to travel frequently from New farakka to Kolkata (331km). New farakka was the place of my maternal elder aunt, she was married to a local zamindar.

If you want to enjoy the village and everything it offers you need to stay at least a night. I was begging for this opportunity and it arrived in the last month of 2014. I had to accompany my niece to her home, so I wake up at 4.00 a.m on 27th December, 2014 to catch Up Kanchanjungha express from Sealdah station, Kolkata. It was a sudden plan so we had to travel without reservation. At about 1.00 p.m, we reach farakka after 7 hours train journey. It was very cold so had to wear monkey caps-

It was just two weeks journey of mine- from feature phone to Micromax mobile phone with 5 mp Primary camera, vga selfie. But still the lower megapixel camera could not stop me to capture the beauty of Bengal villages. Look-

Love of mother

Moon can be seen in noon?

Pond and reflections of Palmyra tree on it. Palmyra which is in bengali Tal (তাল) is a very tasty fruit and its fried version usually given as prasadam at Janmastami (Birthday of Lord Krishna) in Bengali community.

Papaya tree coming from underground unused well.

This house is the house of my maternal elder aunt, it has been long her death. I took this photo in night. I lost everything which I got in 2014, but fight is on.

With your help, platform is LAWET, aim at redemption. To get it back which is mine.

By the way, have you decided? Who win-

Is it me, my camera or my photographic sense?

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