Have you ever travelled like this? (The Katwa Tales)

Kaustav Ghosh

I went to katwa 27th of December, 2022 to see various tourist places-mainly it was a religious and spiritual tour along with enjoyment of scenic beauty. Katwa is a historical place too. It was often called as ‘Gateway of Murshidabad’. Murshidabad was the capital of sub e bangla ruled by Nawab.I will write a separate blog for my visit to katwa.

If you know India, you must have heard and/or read about our holy river ganges. Katwa is a place where Ajay and ganges meet. You know about ferry service but have you travelled in a kind of boat or a boat attached with engine. Here in katwa this boat attached with engine helping not only people but also the people with its bike, e-rickshaw, car, luggage van to cross the river so that everyone could reach their destination. Look at this-

The confluence of Ajay and Bhagirathi (Ganges)

All this photos are taken by me with the help of my Samsung Galaxy J4+ camera.

And yes, I have started my youtube channel from today. You can watch this video-

That is all for today. Good night friends. 🙂

By the way, have you traveled like this?

5 responses to “Have you ever travelled like this? (The Katwa Tales)”

  1. A fascinating insider look at India with great photos and videos. I’m learning more about your ancient and mystical land from your blog than I ever knew.

    1. Really grateful for your comment. Thank you, it means a lot

  2. You’re welcome, I enjoy your blog, makes me want to visit India.

    1. I will wholeheartedly welcome you in my country

      1. धन्यवाद.

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