The day of greetings card

Kaustav Ghosh

Today is the second january, the second day of this new year but it is the first day of this new year. Infact 2nd January is the first day of every year when people return back to work. Here I am talking about many people and but there is a bitter unwelcoming truth. Still in this world people are struggling for one quarter meal, some clothes and shelter for his head. Still so many homeless people staying in the street. Though many people, government and other non governmental organisation work for them but still it is the harsh reality-neither some people have holiday, nor holiday is for them.

Now lets go back to the topic. Second january is not only the first working day of the year, but also it was the day when people indulged in either giving or receiving the greetings card. Last one decade social media posts conquered over greetings card system. Now if you have internet connection you can send thousand people happy new year post. But does it have that heart felt, genuine, cordial touch? Does it have that same sincere affection? Has not this social media wishes has become artifical formality?

Still remember those days when I brought some special card for special one or best friend or family member. I even prepared hand made greetings card by my own. All those days gone, but not everything. But I must admit, those card was a tool to make people feel really special because it had full of love, friendship, emotion, feelings, passion and what not. The Greetings Card-A way to make people feel really special. Share your thought and memories in the comment section.

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