Diary of the First Jan@2023

Kaustav Ghosh


Wish you a great year ahead- may God bless you with abundant health, wealth and prosperity.

As it is already known fact that I used to write diary of my daily life, but this is the first day of the english calendar year. So, I thought trying something new. New day, new beginning and this is the first day of a new year, the year of 2023. So, I am writing today’s diary in my website-from pen to typing in wordpress app. By the way, I am about to speak of some brand but this not a marketing post.

Yesterday we celebrated with our family member, my parents sung a rabindra sangeet. My elder sister prepared biriyani-my paternal aunty came to my house and bring lots of sweet, ice cream and other delicious food.

Then we played with our pet dogs and spend quality time with them; feed them some treats. Our club and people in our locality lighted their premises.

In the evening I went to garia station road for a family gathering. I ate luchi, sweets, egg curry and vegetables. While returning back to my house I was engaged in facebook reels.

I had a great dinner, played some ludo games and then 12.00 a.m came. I shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR from my roof to my neighbours. Then it was time to sent wishes through facebook, messenger, instagram and whatsapp. Then I had deep sleep and cut to morning. It was nothing special untill evening. I went to Platina Mall nearby, erstwhile it was a cinema hall there. I tried some window shopping and then went to head back to food court. I love fried chicken so did not waste a single time and order some fried and crispi chicken from KFC.

Then I took a toto(E-rickshaw) and went to dasha mahavidya temple. There was a bhajan programme near by and offered some pulao and payes as prasad.

After having some I come back home. That’s all for today.

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  1. Happy New Year My Friend.

    1. Happy new year friend. Grateful for your wish

      1. Cheers. Have a great day.

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