My childhood and diary

Kaustav Ghosh

Diary-a known word to people. But whether do they know how to define it. I think most people don’t- because none never thought to find definition of a diary. They never felt any need. Either they write down or they do nothing. In otherwise you can say they do nothing to that sort to write something down. Or the lazyness, the lack of time due to the lack of balance between work and life. But why I am spending so many words. This article is not about the benefit of diary writing.

You can treat this portion as my background story of diary writing. Though I started writing diary from 2001-sharing details of my primary school picnic. But I was so lazy that I could not complete a single diary till 2015. Here is the catch- from my childhood I used to plan a lot, write poetry or finding the answer of some random questions; but alas, I wrote it on some spare papers. Very soon all that I wrote I lost. So we could find two things here- one is lazyness leads my diary to remain incomplete, second my carelessness leads to loss of some of my childhood memories.

Now lets define diary or diary writing. When you google this word you will find this definition by oxford-“A book in which you write down things that you have to do, remember, etc”. For me diary is not just a piece of paper where you note down your to do list, the things you need to remember and or not limited to other important stuff. You wrote your secret feelings or the emotion you are hiding for so long. You wrote memories which always remain fresh in your mind and feel nostalgic about it. You captured that special moment or time just by writing diary-the only difference is camera has a visual and here you just need to visualise or go back by a time machine made up by your mind.

You may not believe but it is the truth that diary is one of the important source for the historian to find out the history. It tells you about the then situation and what not. Like this 2001 diary, look at it; I have shared my favourite cricket players name of that time-

Here all is written in Bengali. My the then favourite cricket players were Sourav, Sachin, Yuvraj, Kaif from India, Harshell Gibbs, Shaun Pollock, Jack Kallis, Jonty Rhodes from South Africa, Animul and Ashraful from Bangladesh, Flemming, Kairnes, Vettori, Harris from New Zealand, Jaysurya, Sangakara from Sri lanka, Gilchrist, bevan,Hedan, Lee, Ponting from Australia, Karl Hooper, Chandrapaul, Sarwan, Chris Gayle, Brian Lara from West Indies and from many more countries.

I was then just 8 years or so and shared my favourite dress Coat and Pant. From my childhood days I had the affinity for the word ‘Doctor/Dr’. I wanted to become doctor or scientist and I had made personal labrotrary for experiment in my high school.

Now I am sharing scoreboard of a cricket match played in our school picnic today 20 years ago.

Article written in bengali on Albert Einstein-

2003 and my topic of interest-Subhas Bose, Atlantic Ocean, Battleship destroyer, U.S.A, British imperialism and what not
27/03/2003 witnessing hailstorm in my area
My childhood hobby was collecting photo of god/goddess and paste it on my diary wall

Now lets go to August 2016 when I just cleared my 10th semester but degree certificate was not received. I used to note down my court visit experience. Here are they-

To conclude this article I will say writing diary may be tiredsome for you and it is quite normal that you may not have a minute to write a letter. But you can treat this habbit as self care- an investment for you, of you, by you. Diary written by my grandfather and my father is treasure to me

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  1. Yes, if preserved and passed down through generations diaries become important historical records of people and their times.

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