The Resolution@2023


Kaustav Ghosh

Time has come,

That time has come.

Only 11 days to new year.

Only 11 days to 2023.

Time has come to audit this year-

The profit and loss,

The pros and cons,

What still could be done in ten days,

What could be done in next years.

Time for a resolution to make.

What to do and what not to.

Time to have a bucket list-

Though it may never fulfilled.

Though it may become futile.

Though it may see failure.

Thought it may become-

As incomplete as our life,

As mirage as distant dream,

But still dare to dream,

Because they believe they can,’

They believe they will.

Time to have a resolution,

Time to work on it,

I have it my own?

Have you?

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