India, Football@2023

Kaustav Ghosh

So, it is over. We have witnessed a thriller in the final, final of the greatest show on earth. One month of entertainment, art, skill, brilliance in the footballing ground has end. Qatar had become that place where so many nationality, ethnicity, religious faith, caste, creed, color meet and greet together; they shared their differences, they shared their culture, song, food habit. All types of uniqueness when comes together, it become divine, it become something out of the world. This is where beauty of this beautiful game lies.

Football delete the differences, football erase all the border and boundaries. This is why Swami Vivekananda said- “You will be nearer to heaven through football, than through the study of the Gita”. If you do not possess the strong and healthy body, if you fell ill every time you will never understand what Srimad Bhagwat Gita says. Strong body attracts that intellect, that intellect gives that intelligence and that intelligence gives the power by which you will be able to understand the supreme knowledge told by Lord Krishna, which is known as Bhagwat Gita. Only strong people with sound mind will be able to walk on the journey as said by the Lord Krishna.

World cup is over, but football is not. Yes, there are many matches left to play in all the nations who plays football. In India, Indian super league is in midway, I league just have started. Though many people across the globe even do not know whether India plays football or not, some of them know India is cricket loving nation.

India has a rich history, tradition and heritage of playing football for over 100 of years. Some of those instances in fact I have shared in this website and from now onwards I am creating a new category ‘Sports’ to serve you better.

Qatar held the Fifa World Cup, 2022 and it will now held 18th AFC Asian Cup in June, 2023. India will come to Qatar to play against South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arab, Qatar and 19 other nation. Afc Asian Cup is same as Copa America, Euro Cup etc. After cheering for Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Modric, Van dik, now India will cheer for Captain, Leader and Legend Sunil Chetri. He is the fifth highest goal getter in the international arena and third in the active players list. You may see the list which I get from website. Here is it-

You may also visit this article-

Sunil Chetri started his career in my favourite club Mohun bagan in 2002. You can check this link to know him more-

He married to Sonam Bhattacharjee, daughter of legendary Indian stopper Subrata Bhattacharjee. The pride of India, is the son-in-law of the Bengali people. Previous edition of Afc Asian Cup which was held in U.A.E in 2019, India started well by thrashing Thailand 4-1, but all went in vein when they lost against U.A.E by 2-0 and lost against Bahrain by 1-0. India first qualified to Asian cup in 1964 and beat South Korea by 2-0 and Hongkong by 3-1 but lost to the host Israel and stood Runners up. Till now it is their best result.

Now we will bleed blue, we will cheer-

Soon we will knock the door of Qatar.

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  1. Futbol is the most beautiful game in the world. Qatar hosted one of the best and most exciting World Cups and the Final between Argentina and France was the most thrilling and exciting Finals,I have ever witnessed!! Bravo Qatar!

  2. What Year is the photo from? Didn’t Croatia win 3rd place or Bronze?

    1. No, no. It is about highest international goal by active players. Indian football player Sunil Chetri, ranks 3rd

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