Argentine connection with Kolkata

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Kaustav Ghosh

Today is the world cup final between Argentina and France. One team will win thrice the World Cup. Though I love Brasil but I can definitely say for decades after decades Bengalis in the time of Fifa world cup and Copa America divided into two groups- one shouts for Brasil and one for Argentina. In fact if you follow my post regualrly, you have find that how streets of Kolkata decorates himself as the street of Sao Paolo or Buens aires.

Do you know Argentina team came to Kolkata, India alongwith Poland, China, Budapest, Romania U21 for playing Nehru Cup(This tournament was named after Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of independent India) in the year 1984. That Argentina team consist of Ruben Jose Aguero, Ricardo Gareca, Nery Pumpido, Julian Comino, Carlos Alberto Arregui, Ricardo Giusti and many more.1

India lost the match to Argentina by 1-0 and the goal scorer was Ricardo Gareca in the 79 minute. You can see the highlights of the match here-

India settled with draw against Roamnia u21 and lost against Poland 2-1, lost against Budapest 1-0. We all know that Argentina won the world cup in 1986.

The Magician Diego Maradona came to Kolkata, India twice and visited my favourite club Mohunbagan (Established in 1889).

Source Abp ananda
Source- Times of India

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Now lets go back to September 2011 when messi, Di Maria, Otamendi with full team of Argentina came to Kolkata to play a friendly match against Venezuela. The Team which came to Kolkata-


They won 1-0 against Venezuela and here I am sharing some of his photo-

Whole match album from Bengal Newz
Bengal newz
Bengal Newz

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And here is the highlights-

May the best team win today. May the great football win today.



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  1. Diego Maradona was the greatest — such a tragic death,

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