Glimpses of my fifa mobile games

Kaustav Ghosh

I love football. I live in Howrah town where is no proper playing ground. At that time huge pressure for study added salt to the wound had outplayed my playing dream. But whenever I get a chance I used to play football. In my high school there was a very big playing ground. Though Calcutta high court Bar organise various sporting competition, but due to some personal reason I could not played for any team for a single time.

But I wanted to enjoy playing football. First I used to play football in computer by searching on google online football. But that did not help me anything. My friend asked me to play pes, I tried. In the late 2018, I brought my 4g smart phone and it was not only the first smart phone but also a 4g phone I have ever brought. I have downloaded fifa mobile games and from then I used to play regularly. Lets share some photos/screenshot-

India is known not only as cricket crazy nation but also it regard cricket as religion. But bengali is known for their love for football, so does I. I will watch football over cricket anyday. If you follow my post regulary you will definitely know my love for football, so I thought I should share some special moment of playing FIFA mobiles.

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  1. I LOVE Futbol too. Was rooting for Morocco..but what a game!!! One of the best in the Qatar World Cup!

    1. Marocco has won the heart of every football fraternity. Best wishes for african football. One day they may won world cup

      1. InshAllah in 4 years

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