Coming December

Kaustav Ghosh

This year, just after covid-19 was very challenging. For fixing, to get things back on track; it demands patience more than hard work. A cool and calm mind only can achieve that, infact keeping calm can win you everything.

I never thought that I will become published author one day. I never thought that I will start my own initiative/brand/organisation-whatever you call it. But both of these were my longstanding dream and I show daring. I dared to start which is necessary. If you think failure, you may not move a inch. I launched my first book ‘A bengali patriot’ on february 2021 and from jun 2022 to October 2022 atleast one book sold internationally. I do not know how I can express my gratitude to the people who brought my book. But I believed that you had loved it. This was the first initiative, with having major or minor errors and mistakes. Still this book was loved by 32 people in India and 9 people in foreign countries.

If you saw my previous post ‘MY FIRST INTERVIEW WITH APRICUS’, you have find the background story of starting my podcasting channel and blogging website Lawet. Lawet is not only my brain child, it is what I am. A Lawyer who loves poetry, who loves to learn and who wants to exchange knowledge and wisdom with the world. A lawyer having so many dreams, A lawyer who wants to make a mark in this world, A lawyer who wants to connect more with the whole world, A lawyer who wants to secure a secure future for the future generation.

So the trend was launching one book a year. That would mean next book in 2023. But why not we break it. Yes, it is a challange but lets give a try. To connect is the ultimate goal and book is that platform. I have already started working on my book. You are my continuous motivations and I hope that you will support it. I want to quote what Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Gita to conclude-
“You have right on your action, not on the result.”

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