The Holy Promise

Kaustav Ghosh


How you mean it?

An oath wrapped with emotion.

A thing which is unbreakable.

Anything which breaks not a promise.

In this world full of treachery,

The inhabitance of traitors.

But everyone has a future which will come.

Which is more certain than the rising sun.

Which will definitely replace the old.

But not the new things in old wrapper.

Going with the flow not an option-

To choose or think of.

History teaches us-

To Introspect,

To learn and correct all the mistake,

To find out the missing puzzle,

To stop that never ending vicious circle.

They say history repeats itself,

But they forget to say one thing

History taught what to repeat and what not to.

Time has come to make a holy promise-

For our future,

For the future of our future.

To ensure safe, healthy and secured life.

So they can keep smiling.

That smile may never fade away.

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