The First post

Vedas and story of mine-It was the title of my first post published in; It was the beginning. I have shared the influence of all the holy books of hindu. It has left a great impact in my life.

I posted this in my website when there was no viewers,no followers. Even when there was no facebook page. Just a person figuring out how to run a website, still figuring it but better than yesterday and aiming for best in tomorrow. A journey has just started.

December is the last month of a english calendar. December is the month when we used to start auditing our life- what we gain, what we loss, what we should have done, what we could not do, what we still need to do. It is like maintaining account of our life.

December may be this is why a month to remember, reminding something, teaching a lesson. A lession of lifetime- end is the beginning. Beginning of a new year is at your door step, a new dawn is coming. Just click the link below and tell me how it was. I have started reblogging of my own articles because it is the month of December- it is the rewind time.

In the mean time I am working on my books which are coming very soon. Stay tuned in my website to know further.

Vedas and story of mine

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