15 days from Today

close up of human hand

Kaustav Ghosh

It is an announcement I am making-

Announcement of stat,

Announcement of accomplishment,

Announcement of new milestones,

15 days to go from today.

Lawet will complete on December 8th,

The milestone of completing 300 days.

The milestone-

To reach 125+ nation.

To reach 7k+ visitors,

To reach 35k+ views.

And my dream to reach more people and their heart.

To connect, to share, to care, to respect.

Indebted to U.S.A for their support,

For their views, for buying my books,

For motivating me to work on my work.

Article on language still has the most views.

200+ people follows on wordpress,

300+ follows on facebook.

They are my support system,

My ‘LAWET’ is for them.

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