Happy Kartik Puja

Kaustav Ghosh

Today is the Kartik puja. In southern part of India Lord Kartik is also known as Murugan, Subhramanaya, Karthikeya etc. Bengalis believed that he is unmartied but other ststes in India believed that he has two wifes- daughter of Indra Devsena and the daughter of Sri Vishnu Valli. Lord Kartik is the god of war and also the commander of the army of devas. He has slayed mighty Tarakasura. Lord Kartik is the son of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati. The photos and videod shared here is the photo of Lord Kartik as we bengalis believed and this form of Lord Kartik is different than rest of India. We bow down to him-

ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विधमहे: महा सैन्या धीमहि तन्नो स्कन्दा प्रचोद्या।।

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  1. Thank you, My Friend, for sharing these images and supporting information. Very interesting read. Have a wonderful day.
    The old barn
    A creaking door
    The sound of the wind
    – iku

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have shared very little about the Lord. But many more to come. Keep supporting.

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