Not over yet

Kaustav Ghosh

This is the November,

Hardly two months left.

This year is almost over;

Or is it??

Still 50 days we have.

Like they said every penny counts.

I say every minute counts.

You may have a futile whole year.

A year wrapped with failure.

A year you want to forget.

Or you may have acomplished many things.

New year brings fresh hope.

New year brings new beginning.

New year will come after 51 days.

Everyone have 51 days

It is your choice,

It is your decision.

You can cry loud and knock your head hard.

You can overthink by doing nothing.

As this year is about to over.

You can just sit and relax-

For thinking your past

For thinking what you have gain or loose.

Or just work on yourself.

Wound? Fix it.

Problem? Face it.

Challange? Just do it.

51 days you have.

Make it or break it.

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