End is the beginning

Kaustav Ghosh

Everything or whatever you think,

Oneday it will be perished.

Oneday it will end.

Be it a sad day, time, moment-

Be it every try become futile-

Be it a whole festival season.

Everything comes with a expiry day.

‘THE END’ is certain.

But every end is not the ‘THE END’.

End ensures a fruitful waiting.

End ensures starting of a new chapter.

End ends suffering.

End is the beginning.

It is, it was, always.

One response to “End is the beginning”

  1. An interesting philosophical/religious perspective. For Christians, of course, we believe the physical death of God’s children only marks a passing into the presence of God. Rather than death or an “end,” we look forward to a resurrection and God’s gift of eternal life.

    You certainly do, however, express your faith in a clear and powerful manner in this poem.

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