A dream which may not fulfill

silhouette of man at daytime

Kaustav Ghosh

Yoga, Meditation-

It was my daily routine from my childhood.

Dream to become yogi.

Dream to awaken my inner power, positivity-

The Kundalini shakti.

To know the to unknown and to feel it.

To know the truth,

To find out the truth,

The truth-which is already within.

The truth which make you calm in front of the storm.

The truth which let you make peace.

The peace- the peace within,

or the peace with the past,

or to find out the peace;

Anywhere, every where.

To make and bring peace-

Within and in this world.

The world is as big as you think,

The world is as small as you confine yourself into.

Have you have the urge?

Have you got the call?

Have you heard it? Have you accept it?

Have you tried to live break free?

Have you break that feelings of being tethered?

Have you tried to find out all the answer?

The answer just you need to find.

Till you knock the door to eternal bliss-

You will be stucked in your heaven and hell.

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