Celebrating Death

grey skulls piled on ground

Kaustav Ghosh

Celebrating death-

Death is the eternal but tough word.

Tough word to digest.

Tough word for acceptance.

Few can romanticize death,

but very few can celebrate death.

They celebrate because they can feel their soul,

They celebrate because they could understand the body,

The body-

which will perish one day,

This body is not the ultimate truth.

But this body the platform-

The platform to understand the ultimate truth.

The platform to understand our own.

Which is in deep sleep, which is within.

Celebrating death-

What is that?

Who can celebrate death?

Celebrating a harsh reality,

or celebrating metamorphic change?

From womb of our mother to womb of the nature?

Our body to become dust?

Death means the new beginning.

When you celebrate death-

You give death a poetic vision.

You give death a reason to glory.

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  1. That’s poetic justice personified..👌🏻

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