New Poetry Book ‘LAWET’ for promoting ‘LAWET’

Kaustav Ghosh

Before I take three days(or may be more) break I want to tell you that I have created a poetry book ‘LAWET’ for promoting the name and creating a brand for itself. There are 50 poems available in that book which consists of both Bengali and English poetry. This book starts with a bengali poem.

Lets come to the book and some request I am here to make.

  1. If you don’t know who is LAWET, what is all about, then you should buy this book to know more. You will not regret.
  2. If you follow my blog, then you have already read about major posts including the poem that is listed in this book. But if you are following for long( Grateful for your support), you already know that what LAWET wants to deliver and more to come. You can gift this book to your loved ones or anyone so that they can have the same experience( I presume good) like yours. Maintaining blog requires money and it will help LAWET to keep going and deliver more, more and more.
  3. If you know LAWET but does not follow it, I will request you to buy this book. You can cover what you have missed. Even if you want to cover through checking my website, then that’s mean you are liking it (I know you will like it). Then I will suggest to gift someone. I am sharing the coupon code by which you can get 30% off if you buy from notion press website. Do not forget to apply the coupon code before placing the order.

Coupon codes are- (2BHDK7H3GR , 0HZHA65VQF ,PNFOJUPIVO, DNRFNPPBOI , IO715UF2PF). Hurry before it is used by others. Coupon code will only work on notion press-

Available in Amazon u.s-

Available in Amazon u.k-

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  1. Dipta Dipak Banerjee Avatar
    Dipta Dipak Banerjee

    Congratulations. Really proud of you. I have some good materials, would love to share them with you for your next book!!

    1. That is so nice of you

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