Though you believed to be staying with your parents- Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati in Kailash, but I will not send this letter to your residence in Kailash. You have another place of residence- that is in the heart of every devotees. That is also your favorite place where you love and want to reside.

‘Ganapati Bappa Morya’- you are the divine father for many. But you are like my little brother who always guides me. Remember Ganesha, my grand mother used to tell your story while I was kid. She treated you like her son and used to offer laddu while worshipping you. I confess today, I used to have lion share of that laddu. She left us 12 years ago but those story still remain fresh in my mind. I used to tell those story to my little nephew, niece.

That movie from ‘Oh my friend Ganesha’- I used to cry while listening your mantra chanting. I don’t know why then I got emotional. You are the symbol of progress- but if I did not get any success that will not be able to stop me trying. Even then I will not quit- I will keep moving and moving. You are the symbol of prosperity- but I want to surrender my failure, my success, my everything. You taught the world that you can wage the war against God if you think you are right.

My dear, I still remember the promise I made. We worship you, but torture the elephants, torment other animals and birds; we are continuously destroying the nature. I may be one who is at present nothing. But will fight for protecting and preserving the nature and bio-diversity.

I will devote my life for this cause. If there is none who will stand by me, I will not feel any pain. But oh dear, never leave me. Never ever leave me.

Thanking you,

Yours friend,

Kaustav alias LAWET

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