Reach of LAWET

Kaustav Ghosh

Only 1 hour left. It will be 199th day of LAWET. It already faced lots of down with slight up. But still there are something to cheer. Specially to the people of United States of America. More than 40% view comes from there. Thanks a lot. For this gratitude, I am here to announce that there will be many content on the contemporary issues of United States and it is a very small tribute from LAWET. If I remove India from the list, LAWET got highest view from U.S.A.

Recently Brazil overtook U.K as the 2nd highest, at present U.K is 3rd best. My recent analytical report says views from China rose from 3% to 12%. Infact, my first view outside India was from China. It was February, 2022; even many of my family member did not know about LAWET. Really grateful to the people of China. By the way I was talking about Brazil, my all time favourite football team. Previously Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Juninho to today’s Neymar. I hope Brazil will lift the world cup this year. This year hosting country is from Asia and Brazil won it last time when the host was Japan and South Korea. Lets see and pray. Lets know the Top 20 countriers from which I got maximum views-






6) Indonesia



9) Romania

10) Canada


12) Germany



15) Turkey

16) Guatemala

17) Japan

18) China


20) Phillippines

All total LAWET reached 108 Countries having 5788 visitors and 200 days are yet to come. Thanks a lot. Grateful. Hand folded.

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