I refuse

faceless black man showing stop gesture with hand

Kaustav Ghosh

It is the story of refusal.

My refusal, my every refusal.

I refused to compromise with my dream.

It is the dream of mine.

I am only responsible to make it happen.

So I refused, I refused to compromise.

I refused to compromise every dream I sown.

Dreams which don’t let me sleep.

Dream’s which let me live.

I refused to listen to all the negatives.

Yes it is good to listen than to be a talkative.

But it is best to work on.

Work on negatives than to heard it from others.

They say you can’t.

I heard work hard.

They mocked, I smiled back.

I am a bengali-

I never call it a day.

I refused to quit.

I may loss, I may bleed.

I may fail.

But I failed to give up.

I failed to stop trying.

I will not stop till my goal is reached.

I will not, I will not, I will not.

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