A Law book or blog on U.S or on European Law??

Kaustav Ghosh

I wrote many law articles and most of them relates to the constitutional law. Though I have already wrote some comparative analysis. But never ever wrote any kind of articles which deals with mainly U.s law or on any European law, procedure, jurisprudence, precedence. Comparative analysis means comparison of two or more documents or set of objects. So there will be just mentioning of only some portions which is subject to the comparison. But it has been my long dreams to write a thorough and well researched article on foreign laws or provisions.

This is the main reason I am writing this article- to share my feelings with you, to share my dream with you. In the mean time I am already conducting a research on criminal law and preparing a draft which will soon become an unique book in this arena. But this will take some month, may be some years certainly because it will have some edition- thanks to the suggestion of my friend Indranuj.

If you read my blog regularly you will definitely find my love for exploring and learning new things. I want to write on upcoming social and legal issues, new types of poetry or new forms of poetry, new area of law and/or jurisprudence which is not widely known. Last but not the least I will also want to explore those subjects which is absolutely new to me. As an example as a law student marketing area was new to me but still I wrote on Australian market and duopoly. Lawet is always for you and as I say #lawetforu- it is always ‘You’ my priority. I want to provide ‘you‘ those content which will be different and which will give you best experiences you can ever have.

So, I want to ask what you want? Do you want a Law book or just a blog on U.S or on European Law or on any law as per your demand irrespective of any country or continent. You are the boss and here you decides. Just I am asking you for your support which is my main motivation. Your decision will be final- any comment from any researcher, author, teacher, publisher will be highly solicited.

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