No more refugee

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Kaustav Ghosh

Today is the 15th August, India is celebrating its 75th years of independence. It is also the 75 th year of partition of India. India was the then so big that historians prefer it to call as a sub-continent.

We got the independence but at the price of partition. Mainly large part of punjab, Bengal torned into pieces. While India was celebrating its independence, people from Bengal and punjab suddenly become stateless. While two nations are making and in the process many people got displacesd from its native village, house. They could not understand why they have to leave their house. They could not understand where to go. The condition of refugees- only they know who have faced it. People from Bengal and punjab fought the most, sacrificed the most- but the fate thought that it was not enough. So the partition was the final price paid by them.

Being refugee all of a sudden due to war, partition or whatever may be the reason is that uncured curse which may not be fixed by God. The state of refugee ensure those people effected to taste hell in the earth. They left behind their everything- their dream, their land for someone’s greed, dreamland.

We as humans- always think to go to heaven after life. We think how we can go to heaven? We think how to please God? But when we have life in this earth, we ensure that human life becomes hell. Do you think it will please the almighty? Do you think you have been sent to earth for making the life of the people miserable, ill-fated?

I only pray that no more refugee and for that we need collective effort from the every corner of this world. It is the duty of every human to fight for just and to ensure a healthy, secure, hatred free, imposition free, imperialism free, war free world for the future generation. It is not the people who declare the war suffers- but the people who went to war from both end and people living in both end suffers along with whole world, animal and environment. There are many ways to ensure that there will be no refugee crisis, but we have enough blame game. Now we need collective response. We need a separate but dedicated refugee department in every national Secretariat and world forum. Those department need to have specialised, dedicated and professional people. Those department should not be like rubber stamp. Refugee problem should make space in the school text book. A refugee rehabilitation department in the Commonwealth and United Nation which can ensure proper rehabilitation of the effected people. Mental health should be given more importance and regular counselling in the educational institute because any kind of hatred should be eliminated from the brain of the child. They need to be taught to show respect even after their opinion could not match with the others. They need to be taught not only in school but also in home to love every person irrespective of their color, language, caste, religion. We need to get rid of circle of hatred and need to cut the tradition of hating someone. For that we need to eliminate the gap between people and anyhow we have to eradicate domestic violence at any cost. We need spend more on education and research purpose. Any kind of process which will spread religious and racial hatred should be immediately taken care off with the help of the just procedure established by the law. If we can do it, we can bring heaven on this earth.

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