A promise to a mango tree

Kaustav Ghosh

From my childhood I love nature.

I still remember those days.

The day when saplings are distributed to us.

To let us know tree saves the human.

It gave me pain whenever I saw a tree was uprooted.

It thrown me to my discomfort zone-

We dont have any humanity for them.

We dont show any humanity to them.

Personal greed is more important than saving lives.

Personal profit is more important than life of trees.

But without the blessing of trees,

Human will be vanquished, annihilated.

I was very small then-

I could not save that mango tree.

Still it give me lots of pain.

But I still remember the promise I made.

I will plant million of trees.

I will, I have to.

For me, for us, for the whole humanity.

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