True Friendship

Kaustav Ghosh

When none was there,

You hold my hands like none other even think of.

When even my shadow move into another,

You stay there.

Like an ever lasting friendship.

You are there to talk when none was there to speak.

Yes, when none was there to speak-

Either speak for me or with me.

When there was cheating, betrayal and heart break;

When I could not trust myself,

I shared everything with you.

You listen to me, you heard me.

With the patience of billions of years.

Still I could not choose you for eternity.

Still I could not see you,

Still I search for human who can be seen.

Even after you make me realise you hear, you can be seen.

I forget that, oh dear I forget that.

I forget diamonds while search for gold.

I forget that self interest is the key which make people around you.

Forgive me my dear, forgive my weakness.

Its a promise to you I will wait-

Will wait for you till my last day.

Will wait for you till I got the salvation.

You will be in me, I will be in you.

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