Durga puja- The festival of Home coming

Kaustav Ghosh

Durga puja- The festival of four days.

The festival we wait for 360 days for that four days.

The festival of forgetting all the pain, loss and failure.

The festival to re-energised yourself.

But you may ask why its the festival of homecoming?

Many people travel outside this time.

May be they are finding home outside home?

For a change or for getting some new flavor.

Flavor of life.

Now about home coming.

I found it, I found it.

The secret to happiness.

The happiness of durga puja.


Mostly god loving, less god fearing.

We think god is dearer than dearest.

This is why durga become daughter from goddess.

A daughter coming to his parents after marriage.

Be it four days or one.

When she comes,

Specially after marriage, long time no meeting.

Yes I can feel it.

Yes I can feel the joy.

I can feel the happiness.

Specially after my sisters marriage-

When she come after longtime.

Me along with my parents and sister

I smell the essence of durga puja.

I can feel the same happiness.

May be this is what durga puja is all about-

To find durga in every daughter.

Durga puja-not only the homecoming of holy mother.

But also the home coming of every soul from dust.

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