Story behind my first book “A Bengali Patriot”

Kaustav Ghosh

Today I will tell you about the background story of my first Poetry book “A Bengali Patriot”. It all started when I was only 8 years old. My first poem was kind of impossible funny and meaningless. I still remember the line-

“গাছ খায় মাছ, মাঠ খায় কাঠ”

If you translate it then it will mean ‘Tree eats fish, field eats wood‘. Yes, it is a meaningless but if you understand bengali you can find the rhythm. Many friends smiled, mocked at me then, ever we are at primary school. Then I never stopped. I wrote Ramayana in bengali in a poetic manner when I was only 12. The diary was filled with the pictures of Lord Rama and story of Ramayan. Unfortunately when it was lost and stolen while traveling in the train alongwith 100 years old Srimad Bhagwat Gita. Though I could remember some of the line I wrote in that diary, so I wrote it down to another diary. Chemistry was my favourite subject, so I wrote some poetry on H2SO4 , HNO3 and many more. I wrote poetry on God. Due to some turbulence and some provocation which I still regret I made a mistake for which all the poetry I wrote. Then a long break and cut to 2019. I started writing for Udvaban magazine, an initiative by Shibpur Shristi N.G.O. That influenced and inspired me to wrote poetry in regular manner. Writing is in my blood, From my great grand father to my father all are Honours graduate in English subject. ‘Everest Reader’ written by my grandfather was the English text book of many school in 1950’s in West Bengal. So, I was started my journey by self publishing. Poetry was ready, so I uploaded it. I designed the cover in that website and bang. Poetry book was approved and published. It was available in amazon India website and within one months I could sell 34 copies. This is the story of February- March, 2021. Then the second wave of covid-19 ruined everything. But by the grace of god and blessings from my readers I heard the news on November 2021 that my book is available in Amazon u.s.a and u.k, Flipkart, Barnes and Nobles.

Lets cut to today. I tried to search my book name along with my name in the leading search engine. A person who never ever dreamed to publish a poetry book now to its pleasure find his book is available at Amazon, Flipkart, Notion press, Barnes & Nobles,,, Booktopia, ebay, Skylightbooks,,, Scheltema, Kizzy’,, Odyssey Bookshop and many more. But it is just a beginning, many more will come. Specially my dream to introduce a law book. Whatever I may introduce to you, I can assure you that I am a quick learner and learning from my mistakes. I am working hard on it and I will certainly deliver good works in future. Have faith in me. Yes, It was just a beginning and I will not stop till the goal is reached. Thank you again.

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